It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children Global Campaign Launched in China

November 20 is the United Nations World Children's Day, which is set up to enhance the cohesion of children around the world, raise awareness of children's rights and improve children's welfare.

In China, World Vision focuses on ending domestic violence against children, with the goal that girls and boys in China are protected from Domestic Violence and thrive in a positive and caring environment. Some statistics show 24.7% of families experience domestic violence to various degrees while women and children are the main victims. Domestic violence against children can be hardly detected, so it takes a world, all walks of life, to make effort.
We have prepared a series of activities to convey the idea of “ Protecting Children from Violence” to more people in innovative and interesting forms including comics, interaction with celebrities, singing and dancing, and paintings of Children. For more activities information, please pay attention to our Wechat and Weibo.
Artists and celebrities interact with children, attracting more social attention.
Children's painting exhibition, calling for an end to violence against children.
Every child deserves an abundant life. We encourage children, their parents or caregivers, community members, organizations and institutions, governments, and the public to protect children from violence, can grow up healthily, with their potential realized through joint participation. In the next five years, we will popularize the idea of positive family education and the knowledge of non-violent discipline through effective and brilliant activities, so as to promote the building of harmonious family and secure the execution of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law.