World Vision has Launched the "It Takes a World to End Domestic Violence Against Children" Online Activities

Mother's Day is well behind us, and Father's Day is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? How well do you know your father? World Vision is launching “Battle of the Dads”, a campaign to celebrate our roles as fathers between June 7th and 23rd on TikTok, WeChat, Weibo, and Facebook. We will host experts such as renown professor Arthur Yeung and artist Timmy Hung, sharing inspiring and personal stories about their journeys as fathers and how they parent. During this period, we invite you to share tips in fathering and for coping with life's various tough parenting challenges.

Through creative online exchanges, we hope to reach a deeper understanding of being a “daddy”, while also sharing ideas for how husbands can best play the role of “father”, even with the high pressures of complicated family dynamics. Let’s help more dads become SuperDads, who bring warmth and joy to their families, and avoid all forms of domestic violence.

Join World Vision's #SunshineFatherChallenge and create a comic book story with your children, using visual art to tell about a family moment that has special meaning to your children.


Greetings of Father's Day